We will deliver Japanese goods to the world. Japan products are well goods it is safe and secure and very quality.

Anything handled have, such as hygiene products, cars, tires, such as tea, green tea, children's goods, underwear, cosmetics and mask and nail clippers.

Import & export agency business

We will export the Japanese Products

Japan products we handle anything.
Trade names and hope, please tell me the category. We will export looking for anything.

However, those that are regulated by law, there is also unreasonable thing.

Exportable countries

[North America] United States, Canada, etc. ...
[Middle East] UAE · Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. ...
[European] United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, etc. ...
[Asia] China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. ...

By handling products and country, there is a case to take to the regulation of import and export in the laws and regulations.
From check in advance, you can and us to contact us, the smooth transaction.

The main Japanese products for export

green tea , maccha , nail clippers, underwear, Clothing, Shoes , Jewelry, cars, tires , automotive parts , Furniture , Beauty , Health , Grocery , Toys , Games ...etc