We will deliver Japanese goods to the world. Japan products are well goods it is safe and secure and very quality.

Anything handled have, such as hygiene products, cars, tires, such as tea, green tea, children's goods, underwear, cosmetics and mask and nail clippers.

Company introduction

W2P Inc. [Win2-Pro Inc.]
Masatoshi Takamura
〒541-0053 大阪府大阪市中央区本町4丁目7-14 ふみの木ビル2F
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3,000,000 yen
Correspondent bank
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd .
EC Practices Officer L1-Class
January 29, 2013
OCCI [Osaka]
Membership number ; KT-01-00121416


Japan is in a trading nation that has achieved high economic growth by export business.
Of course, as "Trombone of business" for going to survive in the future, trade exports will be even more important content.
Well it might be said to "export business is mature, for small companies and trading companies and do not see the gap."
However, such a thing is there is not in any way if there is a heart of ingenuity.
Our company is possible to localize the Japan of products, we will provide products that meet the local.
In other words, to understand the consumers' interests and preferences and circumstances of each country, by converting or plus alpha products to be easy to be accepted, it is possible to cultivate the demand.
it is now just the world we have sought a safe and trust and safety.
The wisdom, knowledge, and creativity of the Japanese allowed to localize the products that maximize you sent out to the world!

CEO , Masatoshi Takamura

Corporate history

- A certain famous car supplies retail stores in 10 years work, after taking office branch manager-WEB responsible, independent and start a private business of August 2011 WEB design.
- Make a number of home production and EC consulting for self-employed persons and small business customers.
- Launch the store of net communication sale in the car supplies specialty in-house.
- 2013 January 29, corporation company "W2P Inc." established.
- 2015 overseas launch the store of mail-order sales in Japan product.
- 2016 imported goods launch the domestic net of communication sales store of goods.
- In partnership with 2016 Alibaba.com, to start a trade export business of Business to Business.